Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

Such a lovely day today.
I rode my ebike to the PO this morning. Came home and did some maintenance on both the ebike and the regular bike. Aired up all the tires. Wiped them both down (so dusty after all the wind we've had lately.) Adjusted the seat and handlebars on the regular bike. It finally 'fits' me for the first time since I bought it almost 4 years ago. I was determined to get the height adjusted so my knees don't hurt when I pedal.
Helped my mom cut down the rosemary bush in the brick box out front. It got too big there. Gave some of the rootlets to Daisy next door and saved a good-sized rootlet to re-pot to start a new plant. The neighbor across the street actually helped my mom weed some of the brick box while I rode to the PO. That was nice of her.

I gave my mom the 'okay' to get a rabbit and a guinea pig ... so, today, we've cleaned the small fish tanks (10-gallon rectangle and 20-gallon hexagonal) and got them both set up to move all the fish from the big 30-gallon rectangle tank. And, both of the filters are dead ... so, I just ordered a couple from and will pick them up from the store later. I had to use my PayPal BillMeLater or wouldn't have been able to get them this week ... anyway, the guinea pig will go in the 30-gallon tank once it is cleaned out and set up for one. And, the big 'puppy playpen' will come back out of the shed and be set up for a rabbit. We've had rabbits in it many times before. So, now, I start searching Craigslist, etc. for rescue bunnies and cavies.
Glad to be getting that pen out of the shed. Now, I can put both bikes in there!

Rode my ebike to Walmart to pick up the filters at about 4pm. That was quick! Have them both hooked up and running fine. Will move the fish tomorrow and clean out the big tank. I have inquiries out about 2 bunnies on Craigslist right now. Waiting for responses.

Watched 2 episodes of Dr. Blake Mysteries tonight.

OMG! TeamHusbands is now following me on Pinterest! Cool. I just started going there again and hope to update my boards there soon. I followed them a couple days ago.

I don't think I'm going to get a chance to take stuff to the recycle event tomorrow. Now, my mom wants to go to Home Depot tomorrow to look at doors to replace the sliding glass door ... I keep telling her we can't yet because I have too many big bills right now ...

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