Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013

OK. So, I contacted 2 people about bunnies last night. One emailed me back this morning with phone number. Called this morning, left message ... been waiting for a call-back for over an hour ... ugh. Come on, People! Do you want to find homes for them or not? My morning has about been wasted. At least I talked my mom out of going to Home Depot. But, I still might not get to the recycle event, at this rate ...

Got home from picking up our new bunny about 30 minutes ago. Seems laid back. Nikky is going nuts wanting to lick the baby. Now she is whining like crazy because he is in the pen. Ezra is ignoring everyone. He was upset that the baby was in his carrier.
Here are some pics of mommy, daddy and siblings.
 Mommy is a Netherland Dwarf/Lionhead cross.
 Daddy is a mini Lop cross.
Three left. Can't take them all!

And, here is our baby boy in the big playpen. We'll pick up some alfalfa hay and some toys tomorrow. There will be pear for dinner.

And, Nikky wanting to play with the baby.
Naming arguments have commenced. I want Daniel, of course. Or, Vin. My mom has, so far, suggested Reggie (no way!) and Eric (please, no ...)

Aw, hell. The bunny's name is Tony ... can you guess my mom's favorite show ... ugh. She says it's after a cat she had as a kid ... riiiight. And, it wasn't her cat, it was Jeanne's (her sister.) At least she didn't suggest Jethro ...

Tony likes pears. And, yes, he is 'sitting' on the edge of his bed!

Searched some websites for bunny foods and treats. Bookmarked several. Tony is going to be so spoiled! Going out to pull some weeds for him to nibble on through the night. Also found a treat recipe for Nikky that Tony can also have. Dehydrated sweet potatoes.

Nikky and I will take the bike (with cart attached) to the little pet store we like down the street and get a bag of timothy hay for Tony tomorrow. I hope to have him almost off of pellets by the end of the summer. (Despite advertising, pellets are not a good food for rabbits ... or rodents, for that matter. It's the same principle as extruded kibbles for cats and dogs ... baaaad.) They should be a VERY small percentage of the diet, if at all.

Last Tony pic of the night. Night-time snack of fresh bindweed from our yard. Yum.

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