Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14, 2013

Well, this is interesting. My mom says Tony isn't her final name choice for the bunny ... hmmm. I told her Vin or Spencer. She said she'd think about it.

He ate all his bindweed overnight. Gave him a chunk of pear and two raspberries for breakfast.

Nikky and I went to the pet store and bought a bag of loose Timothy hay, some alfalfa cubes and a glass water bottle for the bunny. Said bunny is still somewhat nameless ... suggestions keep getting thrown at me and I've nixed them ... Bugs, Odo, Wolf, and some other odd ones. Robin is a maybe.

Cleaned the bunny and dove cages; vacuumed their room; took out garbages; getting temp in fish tanks worked on so the fish can be moved. Maybe tomorrow. Next, after lunch, I must go trim dead flowers and dig up rosemary roots in the big brick box ... fun.

I think Nikky may finally be accepting that the bunny is like the doves and does not come out of the cage for her to love on. Her whining was really getting to me.

FINALLY! After much argumenting, the bunny has a permanent name - Robin! Me likes. My mom is reading one of her historical romances and kept reading me off the names. It got down to a choice of Robin and Connor. Since I like making nicknames, Robin won (I'll probably call him Robby more than anything. And, didn't want to call him Connie!)

We'll go through all of this naming thing again when we find a guinea pig we want! Ugh.

Just got finished cutting back some of the belladonna leaves. Those things really take over a garden. The brick box is looking good again. The irises look beautiful still and there are some other flowers that I can't think of their names. But, there are pink, purple and white wildflowers and some orange and yellow daisy-relatives.

 You can see the rosemary stump on the right. That will come out tomorrow, I think. It has to. The roots are so woody and strong that it is pushing the bricks out and I don't want to have to repair the crack if it gets bigger ...
Making sweet potato treats for Nikky and Robin. Will put on the food blog tomorrow if they turn out alright.

I need to get a good double-boiler.

Found a cool chia tea recipe I'm going to make tomorrow. I bought some a couple weeks ago and really liked it. So, glad I can make my own in flavors I like.

Listening to Very Best of the Byrds. Great music.

Night-time play for Robin and Ezra.
Until Robin is bigger I can't let him out when Nikky is up; have to wait until she is in bed in the other room. She would be too rough and pounce on him to give him licks and loves. Even though she is smaller than Ezra, I trust him more not to hurt Robin on accident. But, Robin will only be out and about while supervised.
He's a fast little guy and some of the pics are blurry as he moved.

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