Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Ugh. Tax Day. Working on it, now. I always tell myself every year that I will not wait until the last minute, but here I am again! I think it is dread from the past when I owned my own business and had to pay taxes on self-employment, etc. Haven't owed taxes in years, though.

Today is Ezra's 2nd birthday.

I moved the fish.

The Betta is hiding in the tree stump. My mom will start emptying the big tank tomorrow while I'm at work.

My mom is outside digging up all the bulbs in the big brick box. There are hundreds!! I'm going to miss all the flowers. She wants it all succulents/cactus in there ... Need to put most of the bulbs on Craigslist or something ... Hate to throw them away, but nowhere to plant all of them in our little space.

OK. I'm getting pissed, now. I got my Federal taxes done. But, CA. tax site keeps crashing! I can't even get completely logged in. Been trying for over an hour!

Sad end to the Boston Marathon today. So far, 2 dead ...

And, I can't get my CA. taxes done online, I guess! Damn site keeps crashing, so I have to go to the main PO and hope to find some forms to fill out and mail ... ooh, I might be able to print them out if the site co-operates.

I give up! Printed out the forms and will be mailing at the PO ... Damn website crashes after the log-in screen. At least the forms could be printed.

Taxes done for another year. Took much longer than it should have because of the CalFile site constantly crashing. Should have taken 15 minutes and be done, but not today ...

Still watching the news about the Marathon explosions. So sad. So senseless.

Yay! Rain!!

Ah, I need to get some tea. It's been a long day and not nearly done. I need to map out my route for the bus tomorrow. Going to have Numi Honeybush tea, topped with raw cream.
Oh, the recipe is up for the Sweet Potato Chips on my food blog.

I hope to have a chia tea recipe up by the end of the week. Sooo good.

Gratuitous bunny pic.

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