Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

It's been a lovely day! I rode my ebike! I serviced 2 stores here in Woodland (bought a Rat Pack CD at one of them - love Sammy & Dino); stopped at Foy's Bikes and had my seat adjusted and the kickstand tightened and bought a water bottle holder (which they put on for me!); shopped at 2 stores for food; and got home by 2pm! Cool! Tomorrow will be much the same - ride my bike to service 2 stores here in Woodland and pay the monthly big bills. Should be home about the same time.
Thursday is supposed to rain ... may have to use the car again as the distance is too far for the bike and the busline doesn't go to 2 of the places I need to go ... too rural ... :(

Made buttermilk-chia pudding for breakfast in the morning. Will be putting the recipe on my food blog tomorrow.

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