Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013

Whew! It's been a long week! And, sad and scary for some; hard to process for others. Really didn't want to write much while watching it unfold online and on the TV. I'm sad for the people in the Boston area and those in West, TX. But, also ... I have to look at it from a different perspective from those it truly affected. I'm also sad for those in the Middle East and other areas who have to live with this kind of sadness and fear on a DAILY basis. We are very lucky here in the US that we don't have to wake up every morning KNOWING that there may be another bombing that day. I think they are very brave going about their daily lives with something like that hanging over their heads ... I don't know that I could.

Anyway ...
Work is getting to me. It's blowing my plans to stop using my car for work ... If I don't use it for some of my stores now, I will get behind and I can't let that happen ... so, I will be using my un-smogged car (it's registered, but I can't get a current license tag sticker until it passes the smog test) for my Sacramento and Dixon stores ... With all the extra store hours, I may make enough (ha! one can dream ...) to actually get it to pass smog ...

I took Nikky for her first long ride in the bicycle cart over to the man-made pond about 1 mile from us. It is part of one of the protected nature areas. She cried and carried on the whole way there. I was going pretty fast with the ebike and it was a very new experience for her. I think she enjoyed the walk when we were there and saw some Canada Geese make a water landing and scared some 'mudhens' (aka coots.) There were also some critters in the undergrowth that caught her attention. Luckily, I had her on leash. May have been offspring of some of the mice I've released out there in the past!

Robin has had an exciting evening! He ate and played outside, but then had his first bath when we came back in. He had so much pollen and debris on him, I had to do it! Lots of pictures of him tonight!

I actually took 24 pictures of Robin tonight (I'm amazed that the camera let me!) I had trouble 'weeding' them down to half that!

Does anyone know what that weed is in the foreground? With the spiky seed pods? Robin likes those. He likes the bindweed best, though.

 I'm ready to go in, now!
 I did not want to come in just to get my first bath!
Wet bunny!
 Blooming onions! I should have cut them back before they bloomed ...
What kind of weed is this? It has lilac-pink flowers (the buds are closed,) but now has this big seed plume, too. It's about 2 feet high.

Great, the government is trying to force CISPA on us again. There will be an internet blackout on Friday.

Cool. I just sold a book from my Bonanza shop!
Vintage Dorothy Moore's Pattern Drafting & Dressmaking 1971

I've also auctioned quite a few more books on Listia this week.

And, won a few things.

I'm getting pickier about the swaps I do, though. I have to go through and leave a few of the swap groups I'm in that are either dead or don't offer enough US-only swaps. I won't do international any more, as the postage is too expensive.

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