Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

So, I had planned on servicing 4 stores in Sacramento today ... I only did one ... big fail! I just am not suited for driving any more, I think. The wind was so bad, I could barely keep my little car straight and the big trucks were swerving out of their lanes ... and just too much traffic! I hate it! I had to come home. I felt like a nervous wreck! Tomorrow, I am doing 3 stores here in Woodland and riding my bike! So there!

Check out my Chia Tea recipe over on my food blog. Good energy drink!

Decision has been made not to fix the oven. I'm researching countertop ovens and have it down to 2 or 3 that I am comparing. Less than $100 and will suit our needs well. And, not gas! In a few months, I'll have my cousin come and cap both the oven and stove lines. I'll be replacing the stovetop in about a month. We'll be putting shelves in place of where the oven is now. The only gas we will have is the furnace and the water heater, but I can't do anything about those as there is not enough room on the electric box to add more fuses to replace those (had that checked out last year.)

Finally got my little $3 payment for the survey I did the other day.

And, got my little Federal refund. Paid a bill and it's gone.

It is getting too hot in here. It's 85˚F right now at 7:15pm ... I have my little fan on and I really don't want to turn the A/C on this late in the day. Time for an ice pack, methinks.

Just spent $150 on a countertop oven AND stove. They should arrive in about 2 weeks. Click on the pictures and you can see the details.

 Next, I need to schedule the A/C maintenance for the year. Need to call Bonney this week.

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