Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013

Yesterday was painful. I really did a number on my foot. I thought I'd broken it. It swelled badly and I couldn't put any weight on it. So, last night I was switching between using crutches, a cane and crawling on the floor to get things done! I soaked it in a hot epsom salt foot bath, then I slathered it in arnica gel. It is much better today. Swelling is down and I can put some weight on it. Wrapped it. But, I'll have to drive my car for work and take my cane with me. Taking it slow in my stores today. No bus or bike today ... :(

I listed this last night:
I'm giving away: 20 various used USA stamps. Check it out -

Home early! Wasn't much to do in the two stores I serviced today. Yay! Next week will be killer. I have 14 stores I need to do ... I don't look forward to it, but it will be a nice check ...

I swear by arnica gel! My foot is still very painful, but I was able to do a lot of walking that I needed to do for work. Plus, I walked around the PetSmart in the same shopping center. Didn't use my cane at all, but I sure did limp! I left the cane in the car. Got home and took my shoe, sock and wrap off and no sign of more swelling. But, the bruises sure do hurt. I think whatever I did to it, I bruised the little bones. Lucky I didn't break it.

I'm going to start training Nikky to behave around Robin today. He's grown a bit and should be able to put up with her mothering. She'll be on the harness and leash so she can't stomp on him. She and Ezra play really rough together and she may think she can play rough with Robin. Ezra is surprisingly gentle with him and I trusted him from the first day.

Nikky did alright, but still don't trust her without being leashed. Had to pull her up several times when she wanted to chase or pounce on Robin. She only weighs 10 lbs., but Robin isn't even 1 lb. yet. I still have bad memories of a 6-month-old Quinn tripping over full-grown Coney (rabbit) while she and Gemini played with him in the yard, and breaking his neck. They were all about the same size. And, that was 24 years ago and the puppies were raised with the rabbits. So, I'm going to be very cautious. Nikky isn't trying to hurt him, but she doesn't know her own strength. For a little dog, she likes to play rough.

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