Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013

It's been another pretty day. Rode my ebike to service stores, pay bills, go to bank and a bit of shopping. So relaxing! Got home before 1pm! My kind of day! Received some goodies in the mail that I won on Listia. The moccasins fit perfectly. The bracelet craft will be sold on Bonanza. Sadly, the eReader cover smells of smoke - badly! Even the packaging smelled - had to rush it to the outside garbage can. Ewww. Seller didn't mention smoking household in her listing. Luckily it is washable and is now in the washer. Annoying. I always add that mine is a non-smoking, but pet-owned home so the buyer knows they might get some pet hair in their packaging! Oh, well. 

My mom dug up over 100 bulbs from one of the brick boxes today. Don't know what the hell she wants to do with them. We planted about 10 in that box when we moved in almost 4 years ago. They really multiplied! I'll ask neighbor Daisy if she wants some. If not, I'll freecycle them. Just can't remember what they are ... hmmm.

I finally ate liver. I bought organic calf liver the other day. I made it with bacon and onions. The bacon and onions didn't help. I still can't stand liver. At least it didn't smell like I expected, so I got past that. The taste and texture really turned me back off. So, I tried liver. It failed. I do have some chicken liver I'm still going to try. If it fails; never again.

Had to wash the eReader cover (and the load of wash I put it in ...) twice! with an extra rinse! Still smells! I propped it over my potpourri pot (unplugged) hoping the incense will mask some of the smell. I may hang it outside in the rain tomorrow ...

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