Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6, 2013

Now, my mom has 'decided' that she wants a guinea pig or a rabbit ... ugh. We used to raise them in the '80s. Showed them (along with rats, mice and hamsters ... and my Cocker Spaniels) and won lots of ribbons. Sold lots of babies, etc. Not sure I want to, even though I have thought about it at times. I do miss them, but I just don't have the time to take care of more pets. Even though she is here all day, she puts up a fuss about taking Nikky out while I'm gone and she will not do anything for the doves. Ezra, she puts up with while complaining about him being a brat. And, don't get me started about the damn fish! Thousands of dollars worth of equipment and fish and she never does a thing with them other than occasionally topping off the water. She doesn't feed them, I do. She doesn't clean the tanks, I do. I never wanted them. I am not a fish person!

I am almost finished converting the dove/exercise room into the dove/TV room. I got tired of my mom complaining about there being nothing on TV (we have extended basic cable - 99 channels; but even when we had digital - over 200 channels, she complained.) So, now when my newest external hard drive arrives, she'll have unlimited oldies to watch, along with some newer shows. I have hundreds on my computer and other external hard drives. I've hooked my laptop up to the TV (I have a PC to TV gadget that I've had for years) and it is set up to watch Dr. Blake Mysteries starting tonight. I moved all the exercise equipment into the living room today. Will move the little TV in there tomorrow and trade the big TV. Now, hopefully, she won't keep bugging me to burn all of my shows to DVD for her to watch.

We got the rest of the grocery shopping done today. Lots of meat! Had some great lamb steaks for lunch when we got home. I love lamb. It's about my favorite meat. Tonight we are have pork back ribs for dinner.

Well, my mom likes Dr. Blake Mysteries. We watched episode 1. Will watch ep. 2 tomorrow.

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