Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7, 2013

Whew! I'm already worn out for the day!
Walked Nikky to the mailbox and I forgot to take a bag with me to carry the packages I knew had arrived (checked the tracking the sender added.) I had an armful, plus Nikky's leash! But, I got my new hard drive (YAAAAY!,) the HurryCane I got for my mom and a mini desk fan that I won on Listia to dry some of my crafts. Plus, regular mail.
Then, we started rearranging furniture. The big TV is now in the dove/TV room. The little TV and its cabinet is in the living room. The highboy is in the living room. So, now all I have left to do is hook up the big TV and move my modem and wireless router and the phone into my room. I also have to figure out what happened to one of the wheels on the big TV and fix the gouge in the kitchen floor it made. :(

Floor's fixed as good as it can be. It's being replaced next year anyway, if all goes to plan. I hate the vinyl flooring.
Phone is in my room now, as is my modem and router. Ezra kept crawling in the TV cabinet they were in and knocking my wireless antennas over!
And, Ezra loves where we put the highboy dresser! He can jump on the back of the recliner and get on top to observe his realm!

Spent the past hour outside, weeding the driveway. Finished it! Last year it took me 3 different sittings to do it completely! And, it is windy out. My health is so much better these days!

I had wanted to ride my bike to work tomorrow, but the winds have really picked up and there is an advisory for tomorrow for gusts up to 45mph! So, a bus ride it will be.
Watched episode 2 of The Dr. Blake Mysteries with my mom after dinner. Nice to see it on the bigger TV. I think I need to attach the extra speakers to my laptop, though. The audio doesn't go up enough for her to hear their soft Aussie accents very well. For some reason the PC to TV gadget doesn't allow you to hear the TV's audio.

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