Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Whew! What a windy day! Thought I'd be blown away a few times! The day did not start off well, besides the wind. I made my way to the BelAir market down the street where the post office annex is that I normally use for mailing packages. Their machine was down!!! So, I say I'll be back this afternoon as they were hoping the guy will be in to fix it. I catch my normal bus outside the store. We get to the transfer station at the normal time. But ... the bus to take me to Davis was an HOUR late! Several of us were waiting in that cold wind! So, she finally arrives. And, when she gets to Davis, she was going to zoom right past our first stop if I hadn't spoke up (someone had pulled the stop cord, too, but she seemed to ignore it ...) The rest of my day in Davis went fine (although an hour later than planned all around!) Coming home, I got off at the BelAir market and the PO machine is STILL down! I'll have to try to get to a different PO tomorrow ... I have 2 packages I need to get mailed for winners of Listia auctions.
I also found out that a large part of Davis (on the other side from where I was today, but affected some stores I did last week so it's good I did them last week and not today!) was without power due to several large trees being blown down.

Wow. Annette Funicello died. Sad. She was only 70.

I'm stuffed. Ate a huge beef tri-tip. Watched episode 3 of The Dr. Blake Mysteries with my mom. Darn thing kept going out-of-sync. Dialogue was almost 2 minutes off the video. Kept having to refresh the player. Finally, got it to stay in sync about half-way through! Grrr. Might have to update all the codecs tomorrow.

Ah, so this is why my morning bus was so delayed!
Overturned trailer blocks traffic on Yolo Bypass

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