Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

9 am
Man, I feel awful today. It's all my fault. I ate a whole Trader Joe's pecan and raisin chocolate bar last night. I normally don't eat a whole one. Just a bite or so a day, if that. I'm paying for it today. And, it is just as windy as yesterday, so that's not helping. I have to leave now to catch my first bus to Sacramento.

If not for the wind, this would've been a lovely day. It took a few hours before I started feeling better, but I'm fine now.
I was able to get the two packages mailed this afternoon. The PO annex finally got their machine fixed.
I also stopped at the little pet store in that shopping center. Boy, if my mom wants a cavy or a rabbit, it won't be from a pet shop. Nearly $30 each! Just no. I'll search craigslist, like I did to get Ezra and Bruno and Nikky. Oh, and yesterday was Nikky's second anniversary with us.
Just had chicken for dinner and watched episode 4 of Dr. Blake Mysteries. I downloaded an updated codec set and the player worked fine.

And, I have the hiccups ...

Listening to the newest Radio One Network interview with Daniel Vitalis: Daniel Vitalis – Living More in Tune with Nature and Connecting to Something More Like….. LIFE – April 8, 2013

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