Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

Today officially sucks. Got a letter from Social Security saying the state of California will no longer pay my mom's Medicare! So, next month, they are taking over $300 from her check and then every month after that $105! Next month is really going to hurt ... even with my extra work hours ...

I have no idea if this is a statewide thing or if it is because we 'make too much' money or what. Letter doesn't specify. If making $23,000/year between us is too much ... gah! Oh, well, we've lived on less before. A LOT less, so we'll handle it.

So, anyway ... I just got back from Home Depot. Bought 6 big bags of dirt. I hate buying dirt, but if I want to grow decent food I need it. It should fill at least 4 bins, the garbage can and a few pots. We'll be planting tomorrow! I also bought a new lavender bush and a packet of Seeds of Change mixed carrot seeds.

Just made a yummy mixed berry/banana smoothie for lunch. And, made a batch of strawberry/banana for tomorrow's lunch.

Time to clean cages ...

THE SEED OF THE DAY – Exotics in the Garden – The Snail Flower, A Thomas Jefferson Favorite – This is the...

Just put all the critters to bed. Took a bunch of pics. I need to take pics of Nikky tomorrow. She never seems to get camera time.
 Robin loves his flat of wheat grass. It needs to be 'mowed', though!
Ezra wants to go to bed in Robin's room! Robin chased him out.
The doves are roosting for the night.

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