Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

This day started out crappy. I was so upset there was no way I was driving in Sacramento traffic today ... my mom is just too much sometimes. I wasn't awake ten minutes before she put me in a crying mood. That really hasn't happened in a long time ...
Plus, she broke the canvas lawn chair I just bought her the other day. That's 3 chairs in 2 weeks. I have no idea what she is doing to them ... I may be able to fix this one, though ...
Then, I get a message from the gas company saying that I better get my bill paid or it will be shut off! WTF! It is not late! I just got the bill and it's not due for 2 more weeks! I even looked on the website to make sure! Still need to call them back and complain. Just can't handle it today.
Then, I get myself calm enough to get things ready for work and leave at 9. I pick up the mail, and there is yet ANOTHER letter from the county about her medical. I was just there yesterday afternoon getting something copied for her worker. So, first I have to go to my 2 banks and try to scrape together enough cash to pay one of the credit card bills in full and on time. Barely enough to do that. I get there and the teller tries to tell me that I can't pay another company's credit card there!! What? I've been paying the bill there every month for a year! She kept trying to tell me that it wasn't their card. I kept telling her to look on the back of it where it says it is theirs! She finally entered the number and then she's all apologetic! Grrr. I hate Wells Fargo ...
Finally, I get to the county offices to find out about the letter my mom got and come to find that the reason her SS got cut is because she got put on some low-income senior program where her medical is free (which it was until 2 years ago ...) so they took the part of her SS that was the state low-income allowance for medical co-pay or some such thing. Some kind of racket, ya know ... grrr. Probably because they noticed she never goes to the doctor any more, so they are getting a freebie anyway. But, it sure makes it hard to pay the bills for the next few months until we get caught back up by the unexpected change in our budget.

Anyway, I was so stressed, I couldn't work today ...

I cried for about an hour when I got home.

But, then I decided to play with my new RabbitTV gadget and I think I am going to like it a lot! Been listening to some music videos while I worked on my Bonanza shop. Finally got it somewhat organized again. I deleted all the stuff that had been sold off-site or swapped. Next project is adjusting the text on a few things. But, I did get the Mr. Coffee listed: Mr. Coffee Café Latte Coffee and Expresso Machine - in original box

Just finished watching the very first episode of My Favorite Martian. That was fun. I used to love the show when I was little. Always loved how Martin 'talked' to the audience.

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