Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013

Got some weeding done this morning. Then, came in and ate lunch before cleaning the doves' and Robin's cages. Robby ran around for a bit, playing with Ezrie while I cleaned his cage. I had Nikky out on the deck. But, then I let her in to see if she would behave with him and she was great. Here are some pics.

I'm still loving the radio stations that my RabbitTV has found for me. Going to watch another episode of My Favorite Martian later.

Having yummy lavender lemonade. I used the last of the lemons. Won't be able to buy more for a couple weeks ... too many damn bills to pay with my money because of my mom's SS cut. I usually buy most of the food with my money, but we're going to get really low on food backstock this month ... I really don't want too many of the bills to get behind.

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