Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

My goodness. What an eventful day ... started off windy. It's still windy. So, I didn't get to ride my bike to work here in town. Took the car ... Got home about an hour ago. Driving up the lane, a little streak of white barely shot in front of my car. Luckily, I was going slow. I stopped to see what it was and saw a tiny little white bunny. I went the rest of the way up the street to my place and parked the car. I walked back to where I'd seen it, and it was huddled in someone's driveway ... directly across from a sleeping cat ... So, I carefully picked it up (he is very friendly, or it may be from weakness ...) and he didn't try to get away.  I asked some kids if they knew where he belonged; no one did. I walked up to the front of the park with him to the office to see if they knew of anyone missing a bunny. No one did, so they said I should keep it ... I planned to. (Also found that Laura was fired. She'd been manager here since a couple of months before we moved in. She'd been on some kind of medical leave the past 6 months; had come back about 2 weeks ago and now they let her go!! Really sucks. I liked her.)
Anyway, got the little guy home. Gave him a quick bath and checked for injuries. He has a tear along one hip. Once he's dry, I'll put some medicine on it. He is just skin and bones. He's only about a month old, by the size of him - he barely covers my hand!. He is Himalayan marked. He may be a Netherland Dwarf cross. He's in with Robin now. Robin has accepted him; Nikky has slobbered on him and is whining like crazy; Ezra is just bored by it all! Here's some pics.

Robin is huge now in comparison!! Amazing how much he's grown in a month!
I no sooner had the bunny in with Robin, than there was knocking on the door. I at first thought that maybe someone was coming to claim the bunny. But, it was someone who grew up with my mom and was looking for one of her brothers. This guy's sister lives across the way from us. So, my mom got to reminisce with him for a bit. Now to get the cigarette smell out of here ... it was all over him.

Any way ... So, now we have 2 male bunnies. I'll take more pics of the baby later and name him. I'm wanting Spencer or Ianto ... or Daniel. We'll see how much arguing my mom does about the name like she did with Robin's naming ...

He's so young and weak, he may not survive. But, at least he's got a chance now. He has eaten some hay and greens, so that's good.

Nikky is driving me nuts with the whining. Just like after we got Robin ...

Oh, I sold the Café Latte machine yesterday. Need to get it packaged to ship in the morning. Need to leave a bit early in the morning to do that as I have to meet Viola (my manager) at one of my stores in the morning. We're working together tomorrow in 3 stores. After that, I head to the farm for my raw milk for the week. I hope to make some kefir and yogurt this weekend.

Little bunny has started to eat, but hasn't found the water bottle yet. He likes apple, rutabaga and hay, so far. I don't think he was impressed by the carrot.
He now has Neosporin coating his wound (that's why it looks so shiny.) It looks like a cat may have tried to catch him recently and the claw tore his pelt almost to the muscle. It looks huge on such a tiny body. If he survives until tomorrow night, I think he will make it.

Fifteen minutes until the season finale of Criminal Minds!!! Can't wait! Looks to be a really good one. Two hours tonight. And, Sean is back! Can't believe it's only the second episode they have had him in all these years! You'd think they'd show Hotch's brother more than that! At least he's more present in fanfic! haha!

I think I want to name the baby Castiel ... earlier I was thinking of Spenser, Daniel or Ianto ... but, I think Castiel may fit him. And, my mom can't complain that she won't remember it like she does Ezra's name. She insists on calling him Izzie ... grrr. She can call the baby Cas. How hard is that? We'll see. I'm not settling on a name until I am sure he will live ... and as much as he is moving around now and acting perkier, I am more prone to believe he will.

Wow. Criminal Minds was really good. But, man, Mark Hamill sure hasn't aged well ...

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