Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

Spent about 3 hours outside weeding some areas my mom couldn't get to.

Have a load of laundry hanging on the line.

Kefir and yogurt started. The kefir has to stand about 24 hours. The yogurt only about 4. I'm going to flavor the kefir with vanilla and maple syrup. The yogurt I am going to keep plain and just mix in berries when I eat it.

Listening to '60s music and drinking sun tea now.

I'm thinking that Sheree may have a broken 'wrist' as she never puts a lot of weight on one of her front paws. She doesn't seem to be in pain and eats really well. She can also run pretty quickly without using that leg ... it doesn't bother her when I touch it, but there is a small bump the other leg doesn't have ... The injury to her side seems to be healing well. I need to give her a good bath tomorrow and get some of the coconut oil out of her fur. I'll be able to really see the wound better after that to make sure it's not infected at all. But, she seems to be doing well after all she's been through. So glad she and Robin get along so well.

I really need another external hard drive. Or, to burn a LOT of music and movies ... I have 3 externals and 4 computers and they are all full ... that's not good. I also have tons of jump drives and SD cards that are full ... I think I'll start on burning the music to CDs tomorrow.

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