Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Having homemade yogurt for breakfast with some frozen mixed berries stirred in. I let it set out overnight before putting it in the fridge. It's not as thick as I really like, but for my first batch ever, it's not bad! Had it with a glass of water.
Will try the kefir tonight.

I was starting to work on the deck, but it started raining. I don't think it will last, though ...

Raining again. Took a pic of my flag. Not waving, due to the rain.
Got all the rug loose from the deck. It is in bad shape. I'm going to have to replace the whole thing. Previous owner did a crap job on repairs and then covered it all with the rug to hide it ... sucks. But, I have plans in my head now of how I want it when we re-do it next year. It is still usable the way it is. It's not in danger of falling or us stepping through a hole or anything like that. Just looks awful and does have some bad wood. Will take pics tomorrow after the rug is taken completely off.

It's still raining a bit. Mostly sprinkles.

I've got 2 CDs burned, so far. About 100 or so to go ... but, I only have about 60 more blank CDs.

Load of laundry in the dryer.

Must eat something ...

Then, I'll be filling capsules with cinnamon and ground eggshell. Not together! Separate batches.

Had a yummy little lunch. Hard-boiled eggs with plain rice crackers and very spicy chèvre! And, lemonade/tea.
Still raining. :) We need it badly.

Burned 7 CDs. Will burn more tomorrow. I really need the room! Too many drives are in the red and making everything sluggish. I need to order some ink for my printer, too. I need to get the covers and tracklists printed. Just have a little post-it in the jewel case to know which album they are! Hate that. Time to hit eBay and do that, since I have no cash to go to Fry's.

Ordered ink. Also, paid a bill.

Still haven't done the cinnamon ... or the eggshells ...

Almost time for dinner. Spicy ribs!!! Yum!

Got 3 swaps packaged to mail tomorrow. And, 2 of them were not at the last minute! ;)

Had some of my homemade kefir with vanilla extract and maple syrup. It was yum.

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