Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

I rode my bike over to BelAir this morning. Had to drop my swaps off at the post office. I got some organic red lettuce for the bunnies and some short ribs for us to have for dinner. It was buy one/get one free! So, I got 2 packages. We'll have one for dinner and one for the freezer.

No breakfast this morning. Just water and then some lemonade while I was working on the deck.
We got the carpet pulled up. My mom pulled all the staples out. I got one section cut and dragged it around to the yard to cover it. I still need to cut another section. But, we stirred up too much dust & mold and I was starting to feel wheezy for the first time in a year. So, had to stop. Will cut the other section I need tomorrow morning. We are laying the carpet over the area that was weeded already to hopefully prevent more growth while we start leveling the ground and then laying the aggregate stepping stones to cover the whole area like a patio. Hope to get it done by the end of summer ...
My potatoes have sprouted! So far, it looks like 4 plants. (Too small to take pics yet.) Also, one of my tomatoes has flowers!! The one on the left in the above pic. (Close-up picture didn't turn out ...) The basil, lemon cucumber and butternut squash are doing well, too! The Prickly Pear cactus is blooming! Two yellow flowers. Might get fruit!
I have a load of throw rugs hanging from the clothesline. It's still pretty overcast, but they should dry in a couple more hours.

This is lunch. My homemade yogurt topped with thawed mixed berries, pine nuts and pecans. With some raspberry sun tea.
Listening to the Beatles White Album!

Finally gave Sheree a bath. Her hip is healing really well. There will be a scar, but it is not infected and skin looking better. She has definitely put on weight. I did discover that she has a deformed front leg. She may have had her elbow dislocated at some point or she was born that way. Will never know. The leg is somewhat atrophied; much less muscular than the other front leg. But, she is doing really well. Robin is helping her dry now! I'll put more coconut oil on her wound in a bit.

I finally started taking Papa's lamp apart. I may never get the brass clean, but I am going to repaint the pole. I took out the old cord and the old over-sized socket. They don't make bulbs that size any more!
Dinner is pork short ribs with baked onions and a glass of raw milk!
Listening to Jim Croce music! Love it.

I only got 3 albums burned today. But, 2 of them had 2 disks.

Should burn a movie or some series episodes, but it is getting late and they take quite a while to burn. I actually should get all 3 computers running and burn things on all of them. But, only my XP has the program I like to use! Dilemma or excuses? Hmmm. Both. Plus, laziness! Ha!

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