Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

One more day off. I have to work Friday morning. Sucks.

Got the deck cleared of the evil turf rug. It is now covering the yard. I really prefer a wood deck. I like the feel of it on my bare feet better. I think Nikky likes running on it better, too. And, it's so much easier to keep clean of the wild bird seed! Just sweep!

Have a load of wash running. Bunny towels and cleaning rags. Just finished cleaning the bunny pen. Have to do it twice a week now that there are two, or it really starts to smell. So, Saturday it gets cleaned, along with the doves' cages. And, Wednesday it gets cleaned again. They have a new treat today. Watermelon rind. They are mostly just staring at it right now. Hope they try it. I'm having a piece of watermelon for lunch with some cultured raw cream.

I need to get a couple of jars of sun tea going. It is sunny and warm today, so they won't take too long to steep. Just need to decide what flavors I want to make.

The bunnies have tried the watermelon. I think they are still pretty full from lunch, but it's been nibbled on. Now Robin is cleaning Sheree.
Sun tea is done. I made pomegranate tea and saffron tea. Should last me until Sat.

Going to work on the lamp for a bit. I might get it done by the weekend. As you can see, the rabbits need light near their cage. I had to enhance the pic as it was too dark to see them!

I really need to take them outside tomorrow for some sunshine.

Yes. We are starting to see a shine! I might get the lamp done by the weekend! I hope to paint the post on Saturday. The upper part of it is flaked off a bit. So, will be working more on that brass the next couple of days. I know it won't be like new with all the pitting and stains. But, it is probably about 80 years old, at least. Papa probably bought it new, knowing him! But, no one has taken care of it in over 40 years ... since 1969 it was in my dad's garage until I got it. Then it was in storage for 2 years and just sitting in my living room gathering more dust for over 3 years now. It's time it was brought back to life.
One of my goals is to try to find a lamp shade that will fit it in the style of its era. I need to go through a lot of our old pictures and see if the lamp is in any of them, so I can see the shade it used to have ...

Had an early dinner. Dukkah-spiced wild cod; sliced heirloom tomato with Cowgirl Creamery Crème Fraîche (they use Straus milk in their products!) and black pepper; hard-boiled eggs. And, raw milk. No pic ... but, it was very good!

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