Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Another month gone ... the year is half-way done.

Just finished getting some meat marinating to make jerky tomorrow. Going to get some more kefir and yogurt started in a bit, too. Also, ground up another batch of eggshells in the blender.

When I got home and went to my work website to enter the store I serviced I noticed I have a new store added! It is just down the street from me. A WalMart Neighborhood Market. It is inside our local mall. I noticed it going in there a while back, so I expected to get it. I can walk to the store, it is so close.

Paid a bill and did a bit of shopping after I finished my store. Then went to the farm for 2 gallons of milk.

Nikky likes kefir! I'm having my last pint. Need to make more. Didn't get to it earlier. So, will have to in the morning. It is soooo good. If I never perfect the yogurt, I will still be happy with my kefir. Good every time! So far, I've only flavored with vanilla and maple syrup. I'll start experimenting with other flavors soon.
I've been listening to the Weather Channel the past couple of hours. Can't believe Moore, OK. got hit again! And, the Weather Channel's storm-chasers got hit. Demolished one of their vans, but the reporters survived. Lucky.

Sheree is my brave little girl. She slipped and slid, but she crossed the kitchen floor to the carpet. Robin will not touch the floor! Every time I put her on it, she jumps right back in the cage!

You can see how she holds her front left leg up slightly - that is her bad leg. Same side as the wound on her hip, so they may have happened at the same time. Her hair is covering the wound on her hip, but it is funky from the coconut oil. She needs another bath from that. Probably tomorrow.
Ezra is supervising her exercise time!

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