Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4, 2013

I have been so busy with work and so tired when I get home this week, that I haven't bothered to blog anything. Not that anything interesting actually ever happens around here to blog about ...
So, today I took my mom grocery shopping at the Davis Food Co-op and to Home Depot. We bought 2 tomato, 1 butternut squash and 1 lemon cucumber plants. I'll be planting them tomorrow. I can't wait! I feel like I am late starting my veggie garden this year ...
I'm soaking them overnight as the car ride earlier today was pretty hot!
After that, my mom wanted to go to WalMart ... she has 2 coffeepots that work perfectly ... she wanted a different one. Don't ask me why ... she got one that can make latté ... she doesn't like latté ... waste of money ... it will end up in the cabinet like so many other electric gadgets she just had to have ...

But, for dinner, I used my new countertop oven and it worked to perfection! I broiled pork shoulder steaks. So yummy and tender!

This week, I'll be turning off the gas to the old stove and oven. Hopefully, sometime this year, we'll be pulling those out, capping the gaslines and putting shelves where the old oven is and slide the new countertop oven in there, and a flat countertop over where the old stove is.
Right now, the new stove is sitting on some old inverted cake pans so it is level on the old stove.

Yay! I found a coupon in the local ads booklet that comes once a month in the mail, for a free warning light code scan at a local auto shop!! I'm off work on Monday, so taking the car to do this!! It will be one step closer to finding out what is wrong with it and get it completely legal.

Oh, I bought a Rabbit TV USB plug-in! I hope to have time tomorrow to get it figured out and start using it this week. If it works the way I hope it will, I'll pay for 5 years in advance when I get my oil check in a week or so.

I remodeled Robin's cage (the big - 3x3x3-foot - chrome puppy playpen) with the extra grill (it really goes to the small chrome playpen which is Nikky's 'room' at night) to make a mid-level shelf for his bed. Now, if only he'd figure out how to climb the ladder up there! Right now, he's upset that his bed is 'gone'. It is an old cardboard berry box with a big towel and his stuffed raccoon that he snuggles with at night. So, after I put Nikky to bed, I'll try to show him how to use the ladder.

 Not sure how much Robin likes his new split-level home.
 He's not happy going up the ladder (I had to help him up,) but he can come down by himself.
Ezra is behind the cage, supervising!

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