Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

Robin was on the upper level of his room this morning when I got up! So he figured out how to climb the ladder by himself! Smart boy! He hopped down when he saw me.

Going to have something to eat and then start planting! Can't wait!

Mmmm. Blackberries with mascarpone and cinnamon!

It is nice out this morning. No North wind and nice temps.

Just got done planting the tomato plants in Papa's old wooden tomato crates! I think they will look and do good there. I will take pictures in a few minutes. I was going to get the squash and cucumber planted, too ... but, it started raining! It's not supposed to rain until around Thursday ... so, I put everything up, came inside to have my mom see what I'd done. By the time she went out, the rain stopped ... figures. I'll get the others planted tomorrow before I take the car to get the engine light checked.

Had a great lunch! Squash hash with fried eggs. It's on my food blog. And, I used my new electric countertop stove, as well as the countertop oven!!! Love it! I gave half of the squash to Robin, but he hasn't tried it, yet. Too full from breakfast, I guess!

My mom is finally getting all the meat put up in the freezer that we bought yesterday.

My mom wants her TV moved again. She rearranged her room again yesterday, but can't lift the huge old TV ... so, I always have to do it. Seems like it's every month she does this!

I've been trying to use the built-in magnifier on my computer today. I've tried all the settings (full-screen, lens and docked) and can't decide which is easier for me to use. They are all very distracting, but if I want to sit comfortably and not practically on top of my desk, I need to figure something out!

I'm having some Pickwick tropical fruit tea this evening. Waiting for it to warm up. I really need to make some lemonade, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I think. I need to rearrange the shelves in both refrigerators first. No room for the gallon jar I use.

Late night creating an ATC. Really like how it turned out. It's of one of my old Brownie cameras.

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