Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

My car is FIXED!! And, they did it free! I had a free coupon for Woodland Motors to do a free code scan. Come to find, they don't do Toyotas! BUT. One of their mechanics had a universal tester in his car, so they accepted the coupon. He tested it, found the problem (a disconnected temperature sensor wire), and fixed it! Check engine light is off for the first time in 2 years! Now, I will take it Thursday for a smog test! If it passes (& it should now) I'll head over to DMV and get my sticker tag for the year (almost 3 months late ...) Luckily, I paid the registration on time back in February, so shouldn't have any other fees ... I hope.

Going to clean the refrigerators now and rearrange the shelves in both of them.

Oh, and it was raining this morning, so haven't planted the cucumber or squash yet.

Fridges are clean and organized now. And, all the gallon jars can fit in them for the water, milk, lemonade, etc.

Have a load of wash going and now going out to plant.

Got the planting done and the laundry almost done drying. Lavendar lemonade is steeping for the next hour. Can't wait. Love that stuff.

Need to get all my folders/paperwork ready for work tomorrow. Fun ...

And, I'm getting a headache ... hope it doesn't morph into a migraine ...

My mom, in all her brilliance (not) decided she doesn't like the latté machine she begged me to buy ... I should have known it and I told her before we left the store that it would not do what she thought it would do, etc. Can't take it back since the receipt and packing from the box is already gone (today is garbage day ...) Still have the box, so I'll be putting it in my Bonanza shop this weekend. Only used twice to make regular coffee, nothing else. $25 + shipping. It's a nice machine, but I have no use for it. I don't drink coffee and I like making tea and hot chocolate the old-fashioned way.
This is a stock photo of the machine.

Huh. Just got a flood warning alert in my email (THIS INCLUDES THE CITY OF SACRAMENTO... EAST CENTRAL YOLO COUNTY IN CENTRAL CALIFORNIA) Woodland is that part of Yolo County ... haven't had much rain, but I guess they have just north of here ...

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