Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1, 2013

So, June is not off to a good start, at all. Someone stole my bike and cart from my carport overnight. I am beyond pissed. I put an ad on Craigslist and shared it everywhere. Doubt I will ever see them again. I am more pissed about the cart and Nikky's seatbelt than anything else. I was just getting her really used to being in it.

I'm still all fluttery inside. Can't seem to calm down. But, I need to go out and remove some other things from the carport and just not have anything out there any more ... Like I have room to put it all elsewhere ... Going to park the car up against the shed, so no one can get the door open even if they get the lock off. My ebike is in there. I had plans to move the other bike in there, too, but hadn't gotten to that ... Still too much stuff in there to do it.

It's supposed to be over 100°F today ... ick.

I am so damn depressed right now. I really need to cry. I feel a migraine trying to happen. I'm stressed ...

Going to get some no trespassing signs on Monday ... and, put up my old beware of dog signs on both gates ...

Great. Just broke an antique plate ... trying to get something to eat ...

OK. Having watermelon slice, baby Swiss cheese and rice crackers.

Gave Nikky a piece of watermelon rind. She liked it.

Need to get in gear. I did get the cages all cleaned and everyone fed this morning. Started the jerky in the dehydrator. And, a load of laundry washed and hanging on the line. Now, I need to get some postcards made!

Just have to keep saying. It's just a bike. My ebike is safe ...

But, I have to replace Nikky's seatbelt. And, the cart ... That will have to wait until later in the month, though ... or, maybe next month. Cash is so low this month since my mom's SS will be so low when she gets it on Monday. Barely enough to pay space rent and the loan payment ... Might have enough for the utility bill, but not sure yet.

Damn. OK. Postcards.

Took some extra Vit. D3 and some Nerve Tonic to try to calm and de-stress. Not really working yet. If I take some Valerian, I might go to sleep and it's way too early for that ...

OMG! The jerky turned out so good. Even Nikky liked it! I will definitely get that cut of beef again.

Great. My mom is adding to my stress ... this is so not a good day ... I really want to make things dead or seriously hurt things ...

I made a flyer for my bike. (And, used the image on a couple of postcards to mail to friends!) Put one out front. I'll take the others in the morning and put up near the office and mailboxes.
Doubt it will do any good ... :(

We had very hot wings for dinner. Nice and spicy. Also sliced heirloom tomatoes and sliced Persian cucumbers with Cowgirl Creamery Crème fraîche. And sliced watermelon. With raw milk. All organic. Was so good.

But, that was more than two hours ago! I'm snacking on jerky now. ;)
And, yes. I am feeling a bit better. This is only about the 3rd time I've had anything stolen (the other 2 times involved my old Honda car and its license tag stickers when we lived at the horrid apartment.) I am just not the type that can handle such things well. I'm still fluttery inside. But, I've accepted that I will not get them back. I'll still leave the flyers up for a while.

And, no. I didn't call the cops to report it. The stupid thing is, I didn't have that bike licensed (I am taking my ebike down to license when I get my oil check.) With all the research I did on the ebike, I didn't find anything about licenses for Woodland. Today, when I researched who to call about stolen bikes, I found a section under the city PD about licensing bikes! Ugh. And, I remember when I was a teenager taking my first adult-sized bike to get it licensed! So, that part is my fault ... oh, well ...

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