Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

It's supposed to be about 30 degrees cooler today than Saturday! I love the Delta Breeze!
I woke up about 1 am and thought I heard thunder. When I got up at 7am, it didn't look like it had rained, though it was cloudy. Just read the local weather news and there was dry lightning last night here in Yolo County and a few other places. It sparked some fires, but luckily, none here in Woodland.

4 pm
I am still a bit 'off' from Saturday's heat, so I only got 1 store serviced, rather than the 3 I planned ... but, I did go to Home Depot this morning and splurged on a few things. I got a hose attachment that will hopefully clear my clogged pipe. I will try that tomorrow, since the lye and boiling water didn't do anything today. I also finally got a barbecue! It's not the one I really want to get, but I'm tired of waiting. It's still in the car trunk. I didn't tell my mom, yet. Plus, I priced the drain pipes and joints that I will need. If the plumbers quote more than $100 when I call around on Thurs. (if my experiment doesn't work tomorrow), I'm just going to cut the pipe out and replace it. It'll cost me about $50 to replace that whole 20-foot section of pipe. And, I've replaced pipe before. I just didn't really want to ...

It is 65F right now. I think it only got to 69F today. But, I am so hot and I have the little desk fan aimed at me ... so, still not feeling that great. But, I have a lot to do tomorrow regardless of how I feel ...

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