Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Couldn't get to sleep right away last night, so was up until about 1am. Decided to work on the plumbing this morning rather than go to work. If I get done soon enough, I 'might' go service a store. We'll see how it goes. From everything I've read about this little gadget I bought yesterday ... it should work like a charm ... I'll find out later!

And, I feel a migraine coming on ... sucks. Probably stress from the heat Saturday and the plumbing. Taking feverfew and willow bark right now.

OMG! Wow! I tell ya, the purchase I made yesterday of the little plumbing gadget. The. Best. The best $12 I've ever spent on plumbing supplies. I'm going to buy the other 2 sizes to have on hand. This will be my go-to-first with clogs in the future. Fifteen minutes and done! The hardest part was dragging the hose up the steps and into the house. Check it out!

Gonna go see if I can get any stores serviced (leaving an hour later than usual) and get some fresh produce for the bunnies. I really need to get a manger and water bottle for Sheree, too.

I did get 2 stores serviced. I also went to the big produce stand in Dixon and then to the co-op in Davis and bought lots of produce - leafy greens, fruits and root veggies. The bunnies are in heaven! I love feeding them a natural diet. And, Sheree seems to have almost doubled in size in the two days she's been in her own 'room'! Robin misses her. But, he is so ornery! I always let them out when I am getting their dinner ready (separately now) ... he has finally gotten over not liking the kitchen floor and discovered the living room. It was bad enough when he'd hide behind things in the doves' room, now he's finding a hundred more places to hide in the living room! Took me nearly 30 minutes tonight to get him to go back in his room and eat his dinner! And, Ezra was no help! Like two little boys causing trouble!

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