Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

Today is crash day. I thought I crashed the other day. Nope. Today is the day. Feel really blah. Luckily, so far, the migraine I thought was coming yesterday hasn't hit ... hope it doesn't. May stay home today ... the goal of 15 stores this week has failed! But, luckily none are late, so can just shift them over a few days to next week. Think I'm just going to stay home and rest today (other than cleaning the rabbit cages.)
Hopefully, I can get some kefir made later. And, some sun tea.

Just got done cleaning the rabbit cages and giving them their late breakfast. They usually get fed by 7:30am ... Robin was not a happy camper about waiting. He kept thumping. He does that when he is angry or upset. Sheree just kept standing up on her hind legs at her door. Some pics of them feasting!

They had carrot with tops, cucumber, sweet potato, parsnip, cilantro, clover sprouts and Romaine-type lettuce (can't remember the name of it ...)
Tomorrow, I'm buying Sheree a manger for her hay and dry foods and a glass water bottle. Will give her more floor space in her cage.
Also, I plan to replace Nikky's stolen seatbelt harness and blanket that were in the bike cart that was stolen along with my bike. Later in the month I hope to replace the cart. I won't be replacing the bike, since I use the eBike.

Still not feeling the best. So, I might stay home tomorrow, too ... I'll know when I get up if I'm in driving condition ... Regardless, I will have to work on Friday as I have a new store set-up here in town. I can walk there, it's that close to me.

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