Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2012

I has BBQ! Check it out on my food blog: Barbecue!

This day has flown by. But, the barbecue is cleaned up. Ashes are wet and cold in a metal bucket and BBQ washed down and is folded up in the living room. Will be making room in the shed for it this weekend. I'll be spreading the ashes in the yard tomorrow. The ground will love it.

We're going to finally put the decorative fencing around the brick box in front of our space tomorrow. Then, I'll clean cages in the afternoon.

Oh, my mom got another letter in the mail today about her SS. It was like 'oh, never mind, we'll keep sending you your original amount'. They need to make up their minds! So, now, she'll be back to the amount she had been getting since January ... the government makes no sense.

I can't believe we've had Ezra for 2 years today. Time sure flies ...

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