Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

Can't believe this month is more than half over ... Almost summer.

I just got finished cleaning out some shelves in the shed. Found a few things I needed, got rid of some stuff, found something to add to my Bonanza shop and made a bit of room. Also getting rid of all the old paint cans (still have paint in them) that I don't even know how old they are. May have been from when I was little. They had been in my dad's garage forever. Don't know why I kept them. I'll be taking them to the next disposal event for that sort of thing. There are 12 of them! I even found a bottle of toxic Monsatan Round-Up!!! ugh.

Now, I'm waiting for my mom to go out and work on that damn fence ...

Got all the panels up for the fence that we had. I need to get six more to finish it all. Then, I need to get posts for extra support and to put the gate up. But, that will be for another time.
Load of laundry hanging on the line.

Going to research this drill bit set I found. Won't fit my drill, so it will go up in my Bonanza shop.

I got the drill bits that I found listed. They are like new, except for the case is scuffed up.

It's been a fairly relaxed afternoon. Got some files moved around on the computer.
Got all of my work files ready for the coming week.
Just took a bunch of pics of the critters.
They're all spoiled ...

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