Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013

Gah! Told you before my critters are so spoiled. I just spent over $300 on 2 rabbit cages ... nuts. But, they will be much easier to keep clean and I can roll them out on the deck for the bunnies to get fresh air.
They should arrive by next Friday.

Two weeks in a row, my farmer has not been home when I go out there ... luckily, I still had milk left last week, but this week I only have a half gallon left, so I had to get some Organic Pastures raw milk at the store. Expensive! I pay my farmer $10/gal. OP was $9/half gallon!!!!! And, it's in a plastic jug, not glass. So, poured it into a glass jug when I got home. Sucks. I won't be able to go out to the farm again until next week ...

I am still having trouble figuring out how to fit everything into my work schedule. Trying to keep the core hours at 18 will be very tricky. Damn ridiculous 'healthcare' act. I can't imagine many companies keeping full-time employees much longer. Everyone will have part-time just so they won't have to pay for the insurance ... The government had to see this coming. A lot of states are going to go bankrupt trying to cover everyone.

This day has flown by, but I was also pretty busy for most of it. I got 2 stores serviced and went to the co-op. Got home around 4 after I went to the farm and no-one there and then went to the only store here in Woodland with raw milk ... anyway, I have 1 store to service tomorrow. I might do two others, but haven't decided yet ... We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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