Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

I got the new cages for the bunnies! I was surprised to see the boxes by the stairs when I pulled into the driveway this afternoon. I didn't expect them until Friday!
So, once I get my paperwork done and my things ready for work tomorrow, I set about putting them together. It was super-easy! I love the antiqued silver look to them. Robin and Sheree have plenty of room in them and I can roll them out to the deck when the weather is nice.
In the first pic, they are in the old cages, waiting impatiently for me to finish.
The cages out of the boxes ...
And, put together ... Nikky checked them out.
All set up ...

It's been over a week since they've actually seen each other and they both gravitated to the inner bars to lay next to each other. Very sociable.
And, yes, Robin always wads his bed up like that! It starts out flat, like Sheree's, but doesn't stay that way!

Feeding time!

Cucumber, sweet potato, red lettuce - all organic. Plus, some grass hay, striped sunflower seeds and a tiny bit of rabbit kibble-crap (they get very little of that stuff.) Thursday, Sheree will be getting a glass water bottle and hay manger - finally! Then, she won't have 4 bowls taking up so much space.
It's too dark now to take a pic, but Ezra is sleeping under their cages.

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