Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013

I've been up for about 3 hours, but I feel like I'm in slow motion today. I have plans, but I don't expect I will accomplish too much ...
I need to get a sale packaged and go to the post office, though. So, I better get to that ...

Got that packaged.

Tried to pay a bill online, but their billing site is down! So, I have to take the car, after all. Not up to traveling that far on my eBike to pay the bill ... it's already too hot ...

We are supposed to have a heatwave for the next week - over 102F.

I plan on barbecuing lunch and dinner today and tomorrow ... I'm going to wilt out there later ... but, with using the A/C so much each day, it will save some electricity not using the oven. I guess since I am going to use the car today, I'll stop at Home Depot and get more charcoal ... it's actually cheaper there for the brand I like than at the grocery store.

Pork steaks are on the BBQ for lunch. Mmm. Also having raw dill & garlic sauerkraut with it.

Got a flyer in the mail from the cable company. They announced a couple weeks ago they'd be doing an upgrade in July. This flyer is offering a free digital box for one year since some of the Basic channels are moving to the higher Digital level ... So, I'm going to get one on Monday for my mom's TV.

AAARRRGGH!! I swear my work is out to kill me! Seems every day they are changing things with the schedule. They are changing our payday to Fridays (I've been getting paid on Thurs. for nearly 11 years ...); we can't work over 18 hours core per week (an extra 10 if we have projects for a max of 28 hours total) ... but, now there is a special push on select chains of stores so we are now allowed to have 40 hours a week the first 2 weeks of July ... I had my schedule all figured out for the new short hours! ugh. It's good I learned to make my schedule in pencil years ago ...

Got a load of laundry washed and dried on the line. Barbecued lunch. Going to barbecue dinner. Started a crockpot of lamb bone broth. Boiling the bones on high right now. Will add the veggies later. Now, I need to shake out the rugs in the laundry room and my bathroom and clean the floors and fixtures. I might actually accomplish something today! I'm also going to replace all the batteries on the 3 wall clocks.

Well, I guess I got a lot done the past couple of hours. Most of the bathroom and laundry room is clean. Moved a shelf into my bathroom. Did the rugs and floors. Cleaned the toilet and sink area. Didn't get the closet or under the sink organized or the shower scrubbed like I wanted to ... maybe tomorrow.
Just added the veggies to the lamb stock. Set the marinated chicken legs out and started the BBQ again. Nikky is eating chicken feet. She loves them raw, but for some reason my mom NUKED them! Yuck ... I wish she would stop using that damn thing!

104F ... way tooo hot. Gotta go check the briquets.

I am so far behind on my G+ and FaceBook feeds, I'll never catch up. So, I think I will stay away from them for a few days (other than posting a few things here and there) and not read everything. Then, I'll start fresh ... Twitter is so much easier to keep up with.

Looks like I did accomplish some stuff today. Forgot to change the clock batteries, though. It's not like I don't have 2 clocks on my computer, and a little alarm clock in my bathroom ... I have an over-abundance of clocks and watches around here ... hmmm.

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