Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013

It is 100F ... and climbing.
It's been a busy morning. Got all the cages (2 doves' & 2 rabbit cages) cleaned and the critters well-fed. Cleaned the floor under the rabbits and the rug under the doves. Did a load of laundry. Cleaned the sliding glass door windows and the wall around it. Took down the curtains and the crappy traverse rod. Filled the holes. Now waiting for the curtains to finish washing to put in the dryer. After they are dry, we'll measure for the new rod to go up. Hopefully it will last longer than that other one did. That one just could not handle the weight of the full-length curtains.
Made a banana/pineapple/raw kefir smoothie for lunch. Not bad as they are 2 of my least favorite fruits, but my mom wanted that. She doesn't like milk kefir, so I didn't tell her that's what was used! haha!
I also took the BBQ out to the deck and got it set up to make dinner. Going to barbecue turkey thighs and baked potatoes on the BBQ!

106F ...
Just finished with the curtains. Only put two of the panels up. The other two will have to wait until next week. I need more rings! At least the door is covered ... starting the BBQ late, so we probably won't be eating until 6 or so ...

OMG! Dinner turned out soooo good!!! I am loving cooking with the BBQ! The potato skins are blackened, even having been foil-wrapped, but the flesh is perfection. The turkey thighs are really good with crispy skin, just the way I like them. Mmmm.

I am so jealous of the neighbors. Their house is looking really nice with the new siding. But, they really needed it. Daisy told me they had leaks everywhere ... the roof, the walls, the windows ... they had remodeled inside last year, but they should've done the outside first as their wood floors were starting to get ruined already. Wish I had the money to do all that ... but, the emergency of getting the water heater last fall and then the furnace not long after kind of put me far behind on the big remodeling ... so, I do little things like fencing and curtain rods for now.

Gah! My electricity bill is going to be very high next month. I still have the A/C on. I rarely use it past 6pm. It is 96F right now with a heat index of 98F! Going to be hard to get any sleep in this heat.

I'm gonna watch Dracula before bed. Classic!

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