Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Well. I got woke up at 2am AGAIN by Sheree screaming. Same yesterday morning. But, today she also woke me up at 6:45am (15 minutes before my alarm.) A bunny screaming is not something you mistake for something else. But, every time I run out to check, she is just sitting there like nothing is wrong! So, I don't know if it's pain, bad memory, nightmare, Robin playing rough or what!

I also woke up dizzy. Hasn't happened in a while. So, if it doesn't clear up by 9, when I would normally leave for work ... I'm not working today. Can't drive on the freeway.

Some very good news in our bank deposit this morning! I guess when we got the letter cutting my mom's Social Security and I took it down to her worker, I misunderstood something. Her SS is still cut, but she apparently did qualify for a different low-cost federal program to cover medical (Medi-Cal, Medicare or whatever they want to call it) so that she also got a separate deposit that made the total only .10c less than previous months! I can pay bills AND buy food!! Thank goodness!

Aand, my mom already is spending the money on other things ... I want to stop here. I want to stop there ... ugh.

So, we're having some bacon and then going to pay bills and get food. I can drive around town (stop and go) and over to Davis to the co-op as I won't be on the freeway.

It wasn't a bad day. We did pay bills and get groceries. But, my mom did spend too much at two other stores I didn't want to go to. So, I'm going to pay about ten dollars less on a bill tomorrow than I wanted to. Still above the minimum fee, but less than I like to pay ...

My mom wants to separate Robin and Sheree. I really don't. Sheree would be in a much smaller cage and when she is bigger, we may not be able to put them together again ... have to think about it. I'll decide Wednesday when I clean the cage.

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