Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 5, 2013

Ha. forgot to post this last night ...

It's been a pretty nice day. The temps were in the high 80s. I rode my bike around town and serviced 3 stores, and stopped at the police department. I had to look it up last night as I had no idea where it was these days. Big fancy building. Sure not the little one I remember as a kid. I wanted to double-check about whether I needed a license tag for the ebike. I don't. They said that it's not even required for regular bikes anymore and didn't realize it hadn't been removed from the website. And, I filed a report on my stolen bike. I really don't expect to get it back. Next week I'll be replacing Nikky's seatbelt harness. And, I'm going to search around for a new cart. One that will match the ebike - blue! I doubt I will replace the other bike, though. But, I WILL be making room in the shed for the cart before I even get it. I won't be keeping anything under the carport other than the old card table and folding chair that I sit at every evening to read.
Before I headed home this afternoon, I stopped at one of the parks near my last store and had my lunch. Watched some kids playing in the interactive water fountain. There was nothing like that around here when I was a kid! I don't think that park was even around! It's not far from where I grew up. Then I stopped and paid a bill. Got home about 3pm. Let the bunnies out to run around while I cleaned their cage. Sheree gets around pretty darn good on 3 legs. She sure is tiny, though. I worry about her. But, I am going to keep her in with Robin. Checked the wound on her side. She has a good layer of skin now. There is a really thick scab at one side of it, with a clump of hair, but it is not ready to come off. I barely tugged and it started bleeding a bit. So, I'll leave it until the weekend and then soak it really well. She is a little fighter. Now, Robin is a little shit! She wants to get behind everything when she is out. The loveseat, the TV, the dresser! After, the cage was clean and they were back in and fed, my mom starts complaining that her TV in her room is not working. Well, the cable is run from the doves' room, through the floor vent and into her room. The vent in the doves' room is under the dresser that Robin likes to get behind. She unhooked the cable connection! All fixed now.

One more day to work this week. I'm not working Friday. It's supposed to get to 105F or so ... ick. But, tomorrow, I'll be servicing 3 stores in Davis, stop at the co-op for some produce (the bunnies eat well!!) and then to the farm for milk and maybe some eggs.

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