Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6, 2013

Another nice day. Although, I wouldn't call 94F all that nice, especially driving around in a hot car ... I only got 2 stores serviced and then went to the co-op. The bunnies are pigs! Needed more fresh produce for them, but got some food for us, too! A huge lamb roast. Can't wait to make that this weekend, and a few other things.
I came home and made some minty lemonade, cucumber/mint vitamin water and blueberry coconut popsicles. I'm not really thrilled with the popsicles because it also called for lemon juice. Now, you can use lemon juice to sour/curdle mammal milk ... well, it does the same thing to coconut milk ... so, it separated ... not too happy about that and it was hard to pour it into the forms. We'll see how it tastes in a few hours.

Well ... you know, I've owned and moderated a LOT of yahoogroups over the past 15 years. I've been a member of even more. It is a very rare thing when an owner even really participates in their own group. I always do as much as I'm able, as do my co-owners when I have them ... but, what really, really ticks me off is members who are so full of themselves as to assume they can run the group. Fine. Go start your own damn group and quit assuming you know the lives of the owners! What a way to ruin the rest of my day.

OK. Decision made. Dropping a ton of follows, etc. on Twitter, FB & G+. Only going to follow my interests. Only keeping about 4 people I know. You'll know who you are. All others. Gone. That will really empty out my timelines of everything other than foods, recipes, crafts and causes I'm interested in. Dropping people that stress me out. Might allow me time to actually get other things done around here! Ha!

Twitter dropped from 81 to 67 follows.
G+ dropped from 51 to 35!
Facebook dropped from 22 to 20 Friends (but most of those I eliminated their posts, so won't see most of them) and 89 down to 69 Likes. We'll see how much that thinning out helps. There will be more than likely be more dropped over the weekend.

OK. Just ate one of the popsicles. Eh. Next time I will make without the lemon juice. But they will be good on a hot day like we'll be having tomorrow & Sat. over 100F.

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