Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

I've got to keep saying. This is a good day. This is a good day. And, it is ... sort of.
Went to the farm and got 2 gallons of milk.
Came home and cleaned the rest of the stuff off the driveway. Got rid of the last of the old car parts my dad had that were in 2 old galvanized garbage cans. Those are behind the shed now. My mom wants to use them as planters ... I need to get some more black paint before I do that, though. Saved back a few car parts and odds and ends that I know I can sell or use, so put them in the house with the rest of my 'for sale' stuff.
Came in and my mom starts bitching about the kitchen sink backing up. So, I've spent the last couple of hours fighting with that. I finally had to resort to poison ... so, waiting for the lye to do its job. Yuck.

I want to clean the ceiling fan blades, but that will have to wait until after lunch now.

Have a load of wash hanging on the line now.

Oh, I did test out cleaning the brass lamp stand with lemon. It works way better than the brass cleaner I was using. I used almost the whole bottle and was nowhere near done. I'll finish off the bottle just for the heck of it, but I think the lemons will really do the trick. I'm also going to try vinegar. There is still a LOT of rubbing to do! But, I can see real progress now.

Damn. Even the lye isn't working. What the heck is clogging the pipe? I sure don't want to have to take the pipe off to clear it ... Eating, then getting my clothes off the line before they are totally sun-bleached. Then, I'll get back to the clog ...
I'm having a grilled JalapeƱo Jack cheese sandwich (sourdough rice bread) with slices of heirloom tomato in it. The cheese is so melty! Yum!

This is not how I wanted to spend my day. Still can't clear the line. Took all the pipes under the sink out and cleaned them. There was no clog in any of them. Tried to snake the line away from them and can't get the snake to curve down the wall! Ugh. I did not want to take the wall pipe out! I will have to go under the house and pull out insulation to get to it! I don't want to!!! So, poured the last of the lye and hope it will work. If not ... tomorrow I'll be crawling under the house and getting really messy ... all the other lines are clear - washer, both bathrooms. So, it is just that one line, thank goodness. Has to be grease build-up or something. We're careful about what we put in the sink and the disposal.

Lye did not do its job ... I now dread tomorrow. And, I did not get the ceiling fan cleaned ... I may not get my yogurt and kefir made tomorrow or any of the other plans I had for the weekend if this pipe thing takes too long ... May have to go to the store for more lye ... :(

Damn. It's 105F!! I still have to go out and bring in all the towels off the line. I had to do another load of all the cleaning towels I used under the sink. I spilled a lot of water under there. I have the fan blowing on the shelf under there to make sure it really dries.

OK. Can I say I am really, really, really stupid? And, blind. Robin is a buck ... his balls have finally dropped. He was a late bloomer ... 3 months old on Wed. Caught him trying to get Sheree ... grrr. They are now in separate cages. She is faaaaar too small for him. Maybe she will start bulking up now. She eats a lot, but still feels skinny.

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