Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013

I have had no help with anything today ... grrr.
Since 9am, I have rode my ebike to the Dollar Tree for lye. Got home, put lye in the sink and then cleaned the doves' 2 cages and the rabbits' 2 cages. Vacuumed the doves' room. Mopped under Robin's cage. Fed/watered everyone. Took their garbage out. And, spent the rest of that time tripping over Nikky and keeping Ezra out of the cupboard under the sink while I tried to get the sinks draining. Had to take the pipes out again and was able to get the snake to get past the curved pipe in the wall and down about 20 feet and there must be another curve at that point under the house. Couldn't go any further. So, I poured more lye. And, finally, my mom came out of her room and offered to make me lamb roast for lunch. So, waiting for that to cook while I wait to see if the lye will work. If not ... after I eat I will be going under the house and see what can be done from that angle. I may need to see if I can back-flush from the end pipe like I did when the main drain clogged a couple years ago. Also, need to hang the load of cleaning towels I just washed out on the line. It is already 98F. Supposed to get to 106F today. It got to 105F yesterday ... ugh.

I'm beyond exhausted ... it's 108F. I've been working on the damn clog steadily for about 4 hours. Still can't get to it ... tomorrow is supposed to be cooler ... I WILL conquer the clog! Damn it!

My back is killing me and so are my hands ... and I bruised my arm on the edge of the kitchen sink yesterday using the plunger ... ugh.

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