Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9, 2013

Another day, still a clogged pipe. But, I finally got one of the other pipes to open - the exhaust line (I think that's what it's called) - so, I was able to flush to the T- joint and can tell the clog is definitely between the kitchen and that T-joint. But, still can't get it to move. So, closed up all the pipes again and poured lye in the sink and in the exhaust pipe opening (which is in the kitchen closet, of all places - I couldn't get the bolt out of the top yesterday, possibly due to the suction of the pipe being closed ... so once I took the pipe apart under the house, the bolt came up after it was unscrewed ...) Anyway, hopefully, the lye is working now or the next step is breaking a section of pipe that doesn't have joints that unscrew ... I hate working with PVC pipes ...

It is soooo much cooler today, which is really helping me as I am really tired from yesterday's heat.

I am going to get one of the FlyLady's Clog Cannon's next week. I really hate plungers and can never really get them to work well. Plus, both of ours are old and one of them has a crack so will be tossing it later today.

Operation Clog-buster is a big fail. I crashed and burned about an hour ago. I did way too much in the heat yesterday. I did try my experiment this morning, but it did not work. So, I put everything back together and cleaned up my mess. I'll keep working on plunging and lye. But, I can't do any more under the house. If the clog doesn't work loose by Thursday (payday) I will call Bonney and a few other plumbers and get quotes ...

Have the 3rd load of wash drying. Hung 1 load outside, 1 on the railing and 1 is in the dryer ...

Swept and mopped my bathroom floor and the laundry room floor.

Washed a bunch of dishes in my bathroom sink.

Tried to order the Clog Cannon from the FlyLady shop and there is no PayPal button! I have bought things there in the past and always used PayPal! Sent them a note and waiting for a response, now, as to whether they no longer accept it or it's a glitch ...

Dinner was yum. I don't feel like going to my other blog, so here it is - fried hot dogs topped with raw sauerkraut and black pepper; frozen raspberries topped with chilled raw cream (thanks for the idea, Steve Cooksey!); raw milk.
OK. I got the basics set up for my new group - QuinGem's Swaparama. It is kind of in cognito, as I put it under a genre that is not really what the group is about. So, what you see on the home page is not really what the group is. The group is for sharing our movie, music, etc. files. When you join, you'll get a file telling what the group is really for. I'll be inviting some people later, as it is a closed, invite only group. Who knows, I might get more than 2 people that will participate! Ha!

I think I may have to start watching Teen Wolf - lots of slashiness in it apparently! ;) My slash friends will know what I mean by that!

Work this week is going to be insane! I have to try to get 15 stores done in 5 days and not go over 8 hours each day ... and one of them is a new store set-up on Friday ... plus, get the clog situation settled, go to the farm on Thursday, among other things. I don't know how people who work 40 hours a week do it. I don't know how I did it all those years ago and I worked a minimum of 100 hours a week ... I must have been insane at the time ... turns out I didn't accomplish much doing that. Certainly no money left to show for it! Just the memories of Quinn and Gemini ... I sure miss them at times.

Sorry I sent some of you the wrong link to my new group. Hope you got the direct invites.

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