Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013


Wow. Can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I blogged here! I've been so busy with work and trying to figure out a plan for getting my mobile home painted, time just got away from me. But, really, that's nothing new!
So, the plans for the day are ...
to drop off mail at the post office
get a few things at the store
go to the farm for milk
put up the new smoke detectors (I got mad and broke the one in my mom's room recently, so had to replace it and got an extra for the kitchen)
put up the rest of the kitchen & my mom's bathroom curtains (we finally found the rest of the panels!)
paint the hardware for the curtain swags for the doves' room and put them up
wash two loads of laundry
find a bucket with a lid to store the rabbits' hay in
clean the fish tanks and top them off with water
work on the car (some day I will get it to pass the smog test ...)

Whew! Somehow, I got all that done ... although, I'm never sure of the car ...

Made a yummy milkshake for lunch - banana cacao. I've actually made it three times this week, it is so good!

We'll have to keep an eye on our second fridge. It was 42F in the fridge and most of the stuff in the little freezer was thawing out. Not good. It was my dad's fridge, so not positive how old it is. Turned up the dials and will check later to see if that helped. If not, I may have to change out some parts. I may have to turn the chest freezer back on, or all my frozen fruit will be ruined ...

Going to have leftovers for dinner later. Pork steak, wild rice blend and broccoli with melted pepper jack cheese. And, raw milk. Yum.

Sooo good.
Listening to Sha Na Na ... haven't heard their music for yeeeears.

Waiting for the chest freezer to get cold. Wiped it out before dinner and turned it on and reset the dial. Moved all the perishables out of the sick fridge and squeezed them into the good fridge. Will move the semi-frozen fruit into the chest freezer in a bit.

The annoying thing is ... we had another perfectly working fridge when we moved in 3.5 years ago, for a total of 3 fridges, but had no room for it and had to get rid of it ... ugh. With the amount of produce and fresh foods I like to keep, I need more than one working fridge!

I need to re-organize my swap groups on Swap-Bot. I don't do any international swaps any more due to the cost of postage and extra hassle. But, some of the groups I am in that were supposed to be US only seem to have added international when I wasn't looking! Will be leaving those groups. I think I might open my own thrifting swap group for US-only. I love doing thrift swaps.

Just joined a bunch of fun swaps and added more groups (deleted a few, too) so should be a fun mix. Still thinking of opening my own thrifty group ... pondering ... or, might just host some non-group thrifty swaps ... hmmm.

Listening to Bobby Goldsboro music. I was a big fan when I was a kid. I always made sure to watch him on the Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin shows. He was a funny guy. I can still remember when he talked about breaking his big toe on a Rice Krispy!

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