Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, 2013

Well, the plan for the day will keep me busy again ...
clean the rabbits' and doves' cages and floors under them
clean Nikky's yard
wash two loads of laundry
strip and paint the post to Papa's old lamp (I'll finish updating it one of these days!)
hammer in all the nails on the decks and steps that have worked their way up
vacuum my bedroom
make sun tea
make lemonade
barbecue dinner

Turns out the worry about the fridge yesterday may have been unfounded ... when I finally moved the stuff out of the hot freezer last night, I found that a lot of the stuff had gotten shoved up against the vent in the back of it causing loss of air circulation! I checked it this morning and it is very cold in there! :) But, I needed to get the chest freezer going again, anyway. I really need to start stocking up on meat again, rather than buying a couple of packs here and there. So, I cleaned the fridge and we'll move most of the stuff back in there that got stuffed into the other fridge! haha!

I got everything done I had planned, plus a few more little things. I even had the doves and rabbits out on the porch for a while. Robin was just in a tantrum mood, though, and kept slamming his hay manger. Made most of the hay fly out of it, down into his clean tray ... brat.
Just got the BBQ set up for later. We're having spicy pork ribs.


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