Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, 2013

Well, this day was certainly not what I had planned ... I had planned to replace screws on the siding
clean my desk
clean my bathroom closet
clean the vent hood over the stove
make hard-boiled eggs

I replaced about 1/4 of the screws - it took 2 hours! Will do more throughout the week
cleaned half my desk
did not clean the closet
cleaned the outside of the vent hood, still need to clean inside/under it
I did make hard-boiled eggs!

I got side-tracked from much of it because my cousin, Curtis, came over with some more of his mom's stuff and news about his crazy brother and his own health ... I got a brand-new memory foam pillow and a Roomba sweeper, both still in the box! Jeanne was always buying stuff and never using ... He's going to get my car checked out and smogged and try to sell it for me and giving me one of his cars. A 2002 gold Camry. Very nice car. He'll keep the money from selling the Tercel. We'll probably take it Friday to get it checked out and see what it will take to fix it to pass smog. He's probably going to have to have yet another heart surgery and is really worried this time (he has a congenital defect that has caused a lot of problems and surgeries over the years) and asked me to be his executor ... :( just in case ...

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