Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

Well, the year is half over ... went too quickly ... more of our heatwave today. It got to 106F today.
It was a pretty busy day around the house.

It was so hot overnight. I don't think it went below 80F. So, I couldn't sleep. Got up about 5am. Played online jigsaw puzzles for a while. Then got up at 7 and took Nikky out. Hung the flag out. Fed all the critters. Washed a load of clothes. Got the cream separated from the raw milk and re-bottled the milk. Boiled a dozen eggs. Finished the lamb bone broth and strained it, jarred it and put it in the freezer. Finished hanging the curtains in the doves' room that I didn't have enough rings for the other day - still need to get the side hooks and sash cords to hold the panels open to the side during the day. Made two quarts of sun tea. Moved my mom's big TV ... again! ... and hooked the digital cable box up for her. And, barbecued ribs! Still waiting for the coals to cool, so I can put the ashes out and clean the BBQ and bring it inside.

So many things are going on with work, etc. that I have gotten so far behind in the news on Twitter, G+ and Facebook - though I did see about the awful Yarnell fire and the great news that John Barrowman and Scott Gill got legally married!! I'll never catch up. But, maybe that is a good thing. Maybe I am slowly weaning myself off of them. I unfollowed a bunch of people and sites recently. I may do more this weekend. I reallllllly need to get back into creating and advertising to make some more money. I'm starting to catch up on some of my surveys that I make money with. I just cashed out over $50 yesterday. I really need it! I haven't created anything in ages. I have a batch of paper beads (among other things) that need to be finished ... just sitting on the shelf ... waiting ...

I also finally watched Behind the Candelabra today. It wasn't bad, but now I really want to read the book.

Supposedly, today is the last of the 100F+ heatwave. It is still 102F at 7:35pm ... back down to the 90s tomorrow.

Fireworks seem to have started really late around here. Which is good, as it's so hot and dry this past week or so. But, I am too tired to go out on my deck and watch ...

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