Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

I have too much going on right now ...
Work is getting insane again (or still ...) with too many projects for too many chains happening at once and a waaaay too short deadline for some of them and limited hours to do them all in ...

Last week, I was told by park management that I had to clean my trailer since it can be seen from the street (above the sound wall) and it looks dirty and moldy. So, I spent Saturday morning cleaning it. Guess what?! It is not dirty (well, dusty) or moldy. The paint is peeling from the gutters! So, guess what cleaning did ... peeled more paint off, so it looks worse! So, getting a free estimate for gutter replacement. But, just so I can know a good price to pay my neighbor, plus the parts needed. His wife volunteered him. ;) But, I am hoping that he will actually want to just paint everything. Will be much easier all-around, I think. So, I also got paint chips and will stop at the manager's office tomorrow for approval on the colors. Thank goodness, I have a lot of credit at Home Depot. I'm going to need it! Just have to save cash to pay Martin.
I also bought a grill cover and a heavy-duty cover for the A/C when it's not in use, new smoke alarms and new fire extinguisher (the one I have is way more than ten years old.)
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I need to service 3 stores each day this week ... I didn't work today, as I had my schedule all set. I get home and I see 2 more stores added to my list that have huge projects. Not fair!
Got a letter in the mail from PG&E. They will be replacing the gas lines in this area this month and next. The roads will be a mess and I will be paranoid about gas leaks and explosions until they are done. I have a huge problem with gas and can't stand that I have to use it for the furnace and hot water heater (I was not allowed to replace them with electric due to some local laws and also not enough capacity on my electrical box ...) So glad I got the countertop electric oven and stove, so I don't have to use the gas oven and stove any more.

I just spent the past few hours trying to get all of my paperwork ready for the week. I am really having some issues lately with FireFox and Adobe. There is some kind of compatability problem with .pdf files not opening in the browser. I finally had to dig out IE, just so I could get the work done. I have a lot of files to print. Still have more for some projects coming up. But, tired of fighting with it! I already uninstalled/reinstalled all of my Adobe programs yesterday. I guess tomorrow, I'll have to scrap FireFox and start from scratch with it and hope that fixes the problem!

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