Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013

It's been a really busy few days, dealing with the cars and some other things. But, my little Tercel is now finally totally legal and I now have it parked in my cousin's driveway. He will be selling it for me. And, he has signed over his 2002 Camry to me. We'll take all the paperwork to the DMV once the Tercel is sold, as I am keeping my personalized plate. That way, we'll do everything in one visit, hopefully. I was at the Woodland DMV to get the 2014 sticker for the Tercel today for 3 freakin' hours!! Ridiculous. I should have went to the office in Davis ... But, at least that is done.
Next week, I'll be checking out some different car insurance places as I want to try to get full coverage on the Camry and the place I use for the Tercel is too expensive (& I only have the legal basic insurance on it ...)
Tomorrow will be a busy day. Paying bills, grocery shopping and going to the farm ...
Curtis wants me to wait until he is back from vacation to paint as he has a power sprayer that I can use. He doesn't have time before he leaves to get all of it over here. But, I still have to re-caulk all the windows and doors, so plenty of time.
My mom's new TV finally shipped this morning. So, hopefully, it will arrive next Thursday, according to the tracking.
Saturday, I have to take Ezra to the shots clinic. I hate that he has to have a rabies shot EVERY year, by law, since he's a cat. They are having the clinic at the local Tractor Supply, so it's not far. I need to get the travel kennel out of the shed tomorrow and get it ready.

Yummy dinner of homemade lentil soup made with lamb broth and ground lamb, plus some potatoes, carrots, onion and spices. Along with blackberries in raw cream and a glass of raw milk.
I haven't eaten anything else today.

I finally had to change out my wallet today. My old one was falling apart. So, I dug around in one of the bins of antiques and found a brand new Amity cowhide wallet still in the box that is actually about 40 years old. Never used. And, the Tandy company doesn't make them any more!

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