Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Today I hope to work on my website. I need to get the pages sorted by category (books, crafts, graphic arts, etc.) And, figure out how to integrate all of them to accept the shopping cart. Fun ...

I sure haven't accomplished much yet today. I burned some music and a movie. Made two postcards ... and made a smoothie for lunch ... must work on website!!!

I finally finished a set of 100 paper beads to put up on Listia later. Waiting for them to dry completely to take the pics.

I'm giving away: Handmade Paper Beads - 100. Check it out -

Breakfast for dinner! Yum. Pork chorizo scrambled eggs with black olives. Spicy goodness! And, raw milk on the side. ;)
Still tweaking my website. Having trouble getting the darn header to center right ...

WooHoo! I did it. It fits my large monitor the way I want! Hope it fits for others! Check it out and let me know!

Tomorrow, I start adding stuff.

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