Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Yay! No work today. The main office in RI is closed today. I don't work when they don't.
So, today will be more of the same as yesterday. I'll burn a couple of albums and a movie. I'll work on my website. I'm going to make some chia sun tea and maybe some lemonade later. I also need to fix something on my TV ... not that I watch much TV any more ...

Well, I got 2 albums and a movie burned. And, I worked on my website. I decided to nix the blog site and opened up a Wix website. I really like it. Thanks to my friend, Winter, for suggesting it. Really easy to use and lots of functionality. Have most of the pages set up and will be working on the shopping area after work tomorrow.

Time to work on my TV now.

Ugh. Still won't work. I'll have to call the cable company. It's the little analog converter box that is not working. It worked the first day I activated it, but after that nada. I just get a message on the screen that there is a problem ...

I had to call the cable company and have the box re-activated! This better not happen every time I want to use it ...

Now, to fix the wiring for the little box that turns a TV into a computer monitor. Ezra chewed through it a while back ... brat.

I fixed the PC to TV gadget. I actually had another cord that matched from some other gadget that I don't use! So, I don't have to fix the wire, which is good since I can't find my black electrical tape. I replaced it.

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