Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013

Yesterday was kind of twisty as far as work goes. My manager, Viola, and I went to set up our displays in a new store ... but, apparently stores have to have several different permits. Sacramento county makes them get a permit to build and open a store, but they need a different permit to actually stock the shelves to sell things! They were still waiting on their shelf-stocking permit! So, we couldn't set up. I will be going back tomorrow, if the permit and inspection passed, to set it all up by myself since Vi is already committed to helping someone else that day. Really messed up both of our schedules since I am trying not to work on Fridays ... oh, well. We did go and service 3 of my other stores and she also told me that there are about 5 more stores that I can have that one of the other reps had to give up. She'll be sending me a list and I can pick the ones I want. I know I will take at least one of them.

It's been a nice day. I got 3 stores serviced. I also stopped at the big produce stand in Dixon and the Co-op in Davis and bought lots of great food! And, I even found 2 different packaged (yes, I know ...) cookies that are made with real ingredients and no soy, canola, agave, wheat or corn! I think I am in love with Amy's Organic Shortbread cookies after just one bite! The other is Jovial Fig-filled cookies. Taste waaaay better than the old-fashioned fig Newtons we grew up with (yuck.)

I just splurged again. I finally bought a bicycle cart to replace the one that was stolen with my old bike a few months ago. This one is made specifically for pets and cheaper than my old one, but better made! And, it's blue to match my ebike! Now, I can take Nikky for rides again. And, I can still carry groceries in it, too.

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